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Nosara Costa Rica

Nosara Yoga
Nosara is all about yoga and health

Nosara over the past 10 years has evolved into a communitity focused on yoga, health and an all-natural lifestyle. You hardly find a hotel in Nosara that doesn't sport a yoga deck and offers retreats revolving around health, spirit and fitness.

For decades the Nosara Yoga Institute has trained yoga teachers in Playa Guiones, one of Costa Rica's best surf beaches. Now surfing has become just a compliment during a holistic yoga retreat of affluent hippsters, most of them coming from the United States.

Nosara Biological Reserve
The estuary and Nosara Biological Reserve

The beaches of Nosara host one of Costa Rica's oldest expat communities. While the traditional village of Nosara is 6 km inland, the majority of foreigners and hotels in Nosara are found on the beaches of Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada. A large portion of the land in Nosara is protected forest and a moratorium on hunting animals stretches back for over 30 years.
The beaches and estuary of the Rio Nosara form part of the Ostional Wildlife Reserve located a few kilometers north of Nosara.

The community of Nosara has always strived to harmonize development with nature conservation. Houses and hotels in Nosara are spread apart and tucked into lush tropical greenery. A maze of streets and pathways weaves through the forest and even in the center of Nosara you feel ensconced in a jungle with tall trees arching over the roads.

The Beaches of Nosara:

Playa Guiones Nosara
Nosara: Playa Guiones

Nosara has three different beaches, each with its own distinctive charm and attractions.

The main beach of Nosara is Playa Guiones, a 6 km expanse of immaculate white sand running in a straight line from Punta Pelada to Punta Guiones in the south.

Playa Guiones is one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. The beach offers easy access and the surf is consistent with long beach breaks, both left and right.

Playa Pelada in Nosara
Nosara: Playa Pelada

North of Playa Guiones, past a rocky outcropping, is the shell-strewn beach of Playa Pelada.
Look out for the blow hole in the rocks where you can take a natural shower. The spray is at its best during the transition of the tides.
The beach of Playa Pelada is protected by an offshore reef which makes it well suited for swimming.
Towards the northern part of the bay are tidal pools, and bolders with caves.

At low tide, you can continue north from Playa Pelada past the rocky cliff to the estuary of the Río Nosara. Wading through the river brings you to Playa Nosara, the most remote of the Nosara beaches. The black-sand beach is backed by mangroves and runs into the turtle beach of Ostional.

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The Village of Nosara

The actual Tico village of Nosara is 6 kms inland, spread out along the Rïo Nosara. The pueblo is still small and traditional but you find some inexpensive cabinas, supermarkets, typical restaurants, a discotheque, and medical services. Right in the middle of Nosara is the landing strip for daily flights to San José, and half way to the beaches is a gas station and ATM cashier. » Map of Nosara

The History of Nosara and the Nosara Civic Association:

The beaches of Nosara host one of the oldest expat communities in Costa Rica. In 1962 an American entrepreneur bought the entire expanse of land along the coastline of Nosara. He initiated "The American Project", a development slated for 500 residential lots interspersed with commercial sites, green zones, and a golf course. He built roads and water systems, and installed electricity. After some years, however, the project came to a halt for financial reasons.
Individual investors then acquired portions of the land, and property owners organized themselves into the Nosara Civic Association (NCA) which continues as a strong community-based NGO.

The NCA and its members are committed to balance development in Nosara with protection of the environment. Their association is unique in Costa Rica and they fought many battles to keep Nosara free from large-scale developments and pollution.