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Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Playa Negra is one of Costa Rica's most sought after surf spots. Its famous right-hand barrel waves originate from a narrow channel between rocks where the surf rushes over a shallow rocky bottom.

Surf Playa Negra
Surfing Playa Negra

As the take off zone for riding the waves is concentrated on a small area the spot is crowded with only two dozen surfers, which can gather quite easily. Playa Negra is famous in the surfing world since it was shown in the surf cult movie ""Endless Summer II".

Playa Negra Costa Rica
Watching the surf at Playa Negra

The surf of Playa Negra is very consistent year-round and it attracts the pros among the surfers. Most people come to surf during high tide as low tide exposes rocks under the water. At low tide only dare devil lunatics ride the fast, perfect tubes.

When Playa Negra is too crowded or dangerous to surf you can walk over to some lesser known breaks like Playa Callejones to the south, or paddle out to an off-shore reef. Or drive north of Playa Negra for around 10-minutes to get to the surf beach of » Avellanas.

Map with Hotels in Playa Negra:

Map of Playa Negra Avellanas Junquillal

The pristine beaches of Playa Negra feature dark-colored sand and rocky outcroppings where you find many tide pools. For swimming there is a protected stretch of beach around 100 m south of the famous break.

Right in front of the break sits Hotel Playa Negra with its big thatched rancho where you can get food and drinks while you can watch the surfers frolicking in the waves.

1 km inland is the small village of Pargos, a cluttering of houses, restaurants and lodgings. Accommodations range from low-key surfer cabins to sophisticated boutique hotels with gourmet dining. The atmosphere in the small village feels peaceful and laid back, and maybe it's the great surf of Playa Negra which puts this happy grin on the faces of most people you meet there.

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Costa Rica Playa Negra
On the way to Playa Negra

How to get to Playa Negra:

From Santa Cruz drive until the village of "27 de Abril" where you first take a left and then soon after that a right turn. Continue on a new paved road for 16 km until you reach Paraiso. In Paraiso turn right and you will arrive in Pargos /Playa Negra after another 4 km.
From Tamarindo drive via Vila Real, follow the road signs to Hacienda Pinilla, then to Playa Avellans from where it's another 4 km to Playa Negra.