Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula

The Travel Guide to the Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica, with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information


Playa Pochote, North of Tambor

Tambor Pochote
Rio Pochote river mouth

At the northern end of the Tambor bay the small fishing village of Pochote is tucked into the estuary of a wide river. From here the intricate habitat of a mangrove swamp extends inland. The seemingly monotonous tangle of roots presents a diverse and rich ecosystem. All kind of fish and crustaceans live in these brackish tidal waters.


Bird watchers and other nature lovers can explore its wildlife on a kayak, slipping silently through the mangroves. You will see » water birds like herons, ibises, egrets, roseate spoonbills and many others.

Tambor Beaches
Robinsoe Crusoe Beaches across the Rio Pochote

At low tide you can cross the Rio Pochote by foot to get to the secluded northern end of the Tambor bay. You will walk along lonely beaches, passing by secluded coves, and small rivers. The beach is backed by a steep and densely forested hill which borders the Curu Wildlife Refuge.

There are very few tourists in Pochote, yet there are some basic cabins and a camping site with kayak rentals at the river mouth. A nice place for seafood and a cold drink is the riverside restaurant at the end of the road in Pochote. Their ceviche is excellent!