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Santa Teresa North until Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Playa Hermosa
On the way to Playa Hermosa: El Peñon

To the north of Santa Teresa, past the discotheque of "La Lora" constructions along the beach and parallel road become more spread out.
2 kms past "La Lora" you pass by the "Peñon", a sugar-loaf shaped rock in the ocean. For around 400 m the road skirts a scenic beach where at low tide you find a large pool that is nice for snorkeling and swimming.

2 kms after the "Peñon" you arrive at a junction where an uphill road to the right leads to Manzanillo and on to Samara and Nosara, while a turn to the left brings you to Playa Hermosa.

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Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa


Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) lives up to its name: it's the picture perfect tropical beach, wide and sandy with swaying palm trees and almendros. As there are no underwater rocks it's a great beach for bathing and the gentle surf is easy for beginners learning to surf. Be careful with swimming however, as there is often a strong current, especially on the northern part of Playa Hermosa.