Peninsula de Nicoya Travel and Vacation Guide

Direct Buses to/from San José

Santa Teresa/ Mal Pais/ Montezuma:

Transportes Cóbano, Tel. 2642 1112 and 2519 9973 / Cost: $ 14 / Duration: 5.5 hrs
The bus ticket also includes the ferry (70 min across the Gulf of Nicoya).
Bus Terminal in San José: Nueva Megaterminal, Avenida 7, Calle 10, contiguo al Cine Líbano
Tickets can be reserved online: La Terminal (plus $3)

Temporary (Covid) Bus Schedule     
Only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday     
From Cobano to San Jose     
From San Jose to Cobano
7:00 am
8:00 am
The San Jose Bus Terminal


From Santa Teresa/Malpais the shuttle bus to Cobano departs around 6:00am - 6:30am. Ask your neighbors for the exact time as it depends on your location in Santa Teresa. From Montezuma the shuttle leaves at 6:30 to Cobano.