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Cabuya, Costa Rica

The Rio Lajas in Cabuya Costa Rica
The Rio Lajas in Cabuya

Cabuya is a quaint little fishing village that stretches for various miles along the coast until the border of the » Cabo Blanco Reserve. A small bus connects to » Montezuma and to the entrance of the National Park.

The beach of Cabuya is pebbly and not well suited for bathing. However, a hike south along the scenic, lonesome beach brings you to the estuary of the majestic Rio Lajas. A lagoon has formed at the estuary which is good for bathing. You can also wade through the river upstream to find natural jacuzzis in the rocky river bed and watch a multitude of birds like » egrets, herons and kingfishers.

Playa Los Cedros
Playa Los Cedros is between Cabuya and Montezuma

A natural monument is found close by the bridge over the Rio Lajas: the Higuerón de Cabuya is a huge strangler fig with a diameter of around 22 m and an altitude of almost 40 m. Supposedly it is the largest strangler fig in whole Costa Rica.

At the river mouth of the Rio Lajas you sometimes have good surf conditions. Another good surf spot is still a bit more to the north, towards Montezuma, at Playa Cedros. A picturesque coastal landscape ensues all the way until Montezuma, including sandy stretches of beach where you can bathe and swim.

Cabuya Island
Entrance to the cemetery of the Cabuya Island

A rare attraction of Cabuya is the small cemetery island (Isla de Cabuya), located a hundred meters off the coast. In pre-Columbian times the Indians used the island as a burial ground and until today funerals are held here. At low tide a causeway over the rocks makes it possible to walk to the island to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The reef on the extreme tip of the Cabuya Island is a great spot for snorkeling. Even without snorkel equipment, you can see colorful fish in the rocky tide pools.

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