Surf Spots in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a surfing hot-spot which anchors the surf community of the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Consistent swells and offshore winds provide good surf conditions throughout the year.

Tamarindo Surf
Surf in Playa Tamarindo

The beach right in the center of Tamarindo offers good surf conditions also for beginners to learn on. Surf is best during mid-high tide.
At the north of the beach is El Estero, the rivermouth, whose solid right beach break is especially popular with long boarders.
Nearby, in front of the Tamarindo Diria hotel is Pico Pequeno, a rocky point which is best surfed at mid tide. When there are southern swells experienced surfers can also surf over the rocks at Isla Capitán, a small islet in the bay of Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Surf Map

Surf in Playa GrandeTamarindoSurf Spots in AvellanasSurf Playa Negra
Surf Spots around Tamarindo

Across from the Tamarindo rivermouth is Playa Grande which has the most consistent waves in the area. When Tamarindo gets too crowded you can paddle with your board across the river to get to the surf spot “La Casita” with its fast beach break. Walking further north you find another set of left and right beach breaks.

Surf Playa Avellanas

1 km south of Tamarindo is Playa Langosta where a right and left point break comes up fast and curls off the estuary of the Rio San Francisco.

Crossing the river and walking on for around 40 minutes you arrive at the next great surf spot: Avellanas, also nicknamed “Little Hawaii”. Surf is good low and high tide with beach breaks featuring very hollow rights and lefts. To reach Avellanas you can also drive 16 km from Tamarindo via Villarreal and Pinilla.

Another 5 km south of Avellanas comes Playa Negra, reputedly one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. It’s a right point break with very fast waves best to be surfed during transition of the tides. Only for experts.

Surf at Playa Negra
Surfing on Playa Negra

To reach the famous, remote surf spots in the north, like Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock you can arrange a surf tour with a local surf shop. Various hotels in Tamarindo also specialize in surf vacations and will organize a tour for you.