The Travel Guide to the Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica, with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information

Birds on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Nicoya Peninsula

Birds in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers birders unrivalled birdwatching. As of 2016 the list of birds in Costa Rica contains 915 resident and neotropical migrant bird species. This is all the more amazing if you consider that Costa Rica isn't much bigger than the US state of New Hampshire. Around a quarter of the bird species that occur in Costa Rica are seasonal migratory, so they are travelers like you who escape the cold of the northern hemisphere to hibernate in Costa Rica or further south.

To see a large sampling of Costa Rica's bird life, you should travel to different parts of the country. Sometimes however you just need to walk over from a pasture to the neighboring forest to watch a different birds habitat. The best time for spotting birds is during nesting season which is from April to June and continues until August. As April is also the peak of the dry season and the foliage of trees and shrub has thinned out it is also easier to see birds.

List of Birds in Costa Rica (pdf files)
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