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Peninsula de Nicoya Travel and Vacation Guide
Peninsula de Nicoya Travel and Vacation Guide

Birds of Costa Rica

Parrots, Macaws and Parakeets

Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw

Parrots are gregarious birds who travel around in large groups, invading fruit trees, or chatting and screeching noisily in front of your bedroom in the early morning. 16 species of parrots are found in Costa Rica, including six species of parakeets and two species of macaws.

Parrots, macaws, and parkeets choose their mate for a lifetime and you can watch pairs of them sitting romantically together, conversing and grooming each other.

Unlike many other animals of the forest, parrots don't disperse the seeds of the fruits they eat, instead they eat the seeds and nuts which they crush with their strong, hooked beak.

One of Costa Rica's most beautiful birds is the Scarlet Macaw. This big, gaudy-colored parrot was severely endangered by ruthless pet trade, but also in pre-Columbian times Indians hunted them in large numbers to use their feathers. Today there are only few spots in Costa Rica where you can see macaws in the wild. On the Nicoya Peninsula you might see them in the Curu Wildlife Reserve or in the Palo Verde National Park. The largest populations in Costa Rica live in the Carara area and in Corcovado.

Orange-fronted Parakeet
Orange-fronted Parakeet
Red-lored ParrotRed-lored Parrot
Yellow-naped ParrotYellow-naped Parrot
White-fronted ParrotWhite-fronted Parrot
Parrot Nest



Most parrots are green colored. To distinguish species check the plumage patterns on their head.

Parrots usually make their nest in a tree trunk, using holes of woodpeckers or termites.