Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula

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Animals of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

scorpions in costa rica

The sting of a Costa Rican Scorpion is painful yet not fatal (unless you are a grasshopper). Their venom is relatively low in toxins and they only sting in self defense e.g. before being squashed when you put on your shoes.

Scorpions are useful animals which hunt cockroaches and other insects at night. They live in pairs and if you see one scorpion, the other one is probably not far away.



The Tailless Whipscorpion is a relative of the true scorpion.

Even though they are fierce looking they are shy and don't do any harm to humans (I have one in my bed living under the matrass). If approached they quickly scurry sidewise.
Whipscorpions are nocturnal hunters who go after insects and spiders. They use their first pair of legs as antenna to sense their prey.