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Animals in Costa Rica

spider in costa rica


Costa Rica harbors almost 2,000 species of spiders. The most known type of spider is the tarantula, which is common all over the country.

There are skilful architects...

... and hunters




Many prejudices and myths exist about Tarantulas, these large, hairy spiders which you often see in Costa Rica. Their reputation however doesn't do them justice as they are shy animals and not at all aggressive towards humans. In rural areas of Costa Rica tarantulas are often called "Pica Caballos" as people think that they sting horses.

Tarantulas are mostly active at night to hunt small animals like crickets, bugs and smaller spiders. Costa Rica presents some interesting tarantula species such as the Costa Rican Tiger Rump, Costa Rican Bluefront Tarantula or the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula.

tarantula costa rica
Tarantula Costa Rica
Tarantual mother with babies
Mother tarantula with babies
Tarantual cave
Tarantula cave


Golden silk orb-weaver
Golden silk orb-weaver

The Golden silk orb-weaver, whose body reminds a bit of a caper, is one of the largest spiders in Costa Rica. Their name refers to the golden color of their webs which can be very big and complex.
Golden silk orb-weaver are found in the warmer regions all over the world, also in Asia, Africa and Australia.

To the right a mating pair of Golden Weavers. As usual in the world of spiders the male is much smaller than the female.

Spider female and male


spider costa rica
Red spider
Spider belly
Costa Rica wildlife
Fancy spider