The Travel Guide to the Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica, with detailed Maps, Hotels and Tourist Information

Birds of Costa Rica

Trogons, Blue Jays and Flycatchers


These beautiful birds are easily seen on the Nicoya Peninsula:

The Great Kiskadee is one of the most common birds in Costa Rica. It is one of the 79 flycatcher species found in Costa Rica. The pretty large song bird catches insects on the wing or picks up small animals from the ground. It can even plunge into shallow waters to capture aquatic species.

Rufous-naped Wren

The Rufous-naped Wren is the biggest of the 23 wren species living in Costa Rica. The songbird of the dry forest lives in family groups consisting of a mated pair and young from the previous year.
The funny little rascals are frequently seen as they boldly explore garden shrubs and our open kitchen contents.

Costa Rica Magpie Jay


White-throated Magpie Jays are common residents of the whole Pacific slope. Their calls are extremely varied, with some harsh notes in contrast to their extravagant look with the tufted feather crest. They are intelligent, bold and gregarious birds, often begging food from people.

Trogon Costa Rica


The Violacious Trogon on this photo belongs to the same bird family as the resplendent quetzal. 10 species of the colorful, long tailed trogons are found in Costa Rica.