Costa Rica
Nicoya Peninsula

Peninsula de Nicoya Travel and Vacation Guide
Peninsula de Nicoya Travel and Vacation Guide

Birds of Costa Rica

Conspicious, frequently seen Birds on the Nicoya Peninsula


Trogon Costa Rica
Black-Headed Trogon


There are 40 trogon species in the warm regions of the world, ten of which are found in Costa Rica. Trogons belong to the same bird family as the Resplendent Quetzal but they are certainly much easier to find. The colorful, long tailed birds with their typical eye rings often perch upright and motionless on a branch, occasionally hovering to pluck a fruit or insect.

Trogons are also known to eat wasps. In fact, they can even nest inside occupied wasp nests, also arboreal nests of termites and Azteca ants.

Costa Rica Magpie Jay
White-Throated Magpie Jays

Magpie Jay

Magpie Jays, also called Blue Jays, are common residents of the whole Pacific slope. Their calls are extremely varied, with some harsh notes in contrast to their extravagant look with the tufted feather crest.

They gregarious birds are quite intelligent and often come close to humans to beg for food.


Rufous-naped Wren
Rufous-Naped Wren

Rufous-Naped Wren

The Rufous-Naped Wrenis the biggest of the 23 wren species living in Costa Rica. The songbird of the dry forest lives in family groups consisting of a mated pair and their kids from the previous year.
The funny little rascals aren't shy and will boldly explore open kitchen contents. They seem to have fun building nests all the time, often awkwardly built and doomed from the beginning. For their entertainment they use materials from your sofa cushions, horse manes or any other fibres.

Great Kiskadee

Great Kiskadee

The Great Kiskadee is one of the most common birds in Costa Rica. It is one of the 79 flycatcher species found in Costa Rica. The pretty large song bird catches insects on the wing or picks up small animals from the ground. The bird also preys on small aquatic species in rivers. The Kiskadee actually loves water. You can often watch him take a quick plunge in your swimming pool.